Lubin Church Building Project Update

Step by step – Brick by brick

What a privilege to have a front row seat to view what God is orchestrating here in Lubin, Poland. Not only is He adding people to His flock, but He preparing a place for them to meet in the future. One by one, God is drawing people to Himself. Two believers were baptized this spring, and three people came to Christ over the summer. Praise God! That may not sound like much to you, but in this culture, it’s remarkable.

The building is an amazing story in itself. As you may recall, God practically GAVE us the land for the building. Even then, it was a big step of faith for a small congregation. Sure we could afford the land, but we definitely didn’t have the money for the construction. Sensing God’s leading, we started making plans. Since then, we have watched Him provide again and again, from the digging of the foundation to the completion of the walls. The local believers are giving sacrificially and friends from other countries have helped as well, giving time and money.

Our goal is to enclose the building before winter. That means adding the roof and the windows. But we will continue to build only as we have funds, and right now we are out of money. In order to finish this stage, we need $32,700. Here is a breakdown of this amount:

Breakdown of costs 2017
Here are the latest figures for what is needed to enclose the building before winter. Thanks for praying about what you can do.

74,000 zł ($20,881.61) – For the wood frame and roof
27,000 zł ($7,618.96 ) – Windows in the social part (24 windows @ $317.46)
15,000 zł ($4,232.75) – Windows for the auditorium (9
windows @ $470 including electric shades)

Perhaps you would like to purchase a window or two? God has used His people to provide in the past, and we are confident that He will continue to do so. Won’t you pray about what He would like YOU to do?

Bruce & Linda Thomas

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